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I have notice over the past few years that computing habits are taking a major shift, we now live in a "disposable" world. Seems like first with Cell phones where the phone companies had everybody upgrading to the latest and greatest phones every 2 years. I have noticed this with computers as well. Instead of fixing your old computer it seems like people just kick them to the curb and go buy a new one. Well I am here to convince you that there is still hope for your older computer and most of the time it is better to put $100 or $200 into your old computer rather than purchase a new one. There are a lot of upgrades you can implement to breathe new life into your computer or laptop. Below you will find several options that we recommend.

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Upgrading Drive Storage (SSD): The hard drive is where everything is stored while the computer is off, it is the long term storage for the operating system, programs, photos, music, videos and documents When the hard drive begins to fail it can be very frustrating so you want to pay very close attention to the way your computer is running and try to catch this before it goes completely out. A couple different things to pay attention to would be the speed of the computer.Full Article...

RAM (Random Access Memory): You can have all the processing power in the world but it won't help much if you run out of RAM (random-access memory) while running 10 or 20 applications at once or having 100 tabs open in internet explorer. These programs dwell in RAM, making accessibility very quick. When you get too many applications running at once your RAM fills up. Once you run out of ram your computer will still work however it has to begin swapping data back and forth from RAM to the hard drive, slowing things down immensely. Full Article...

Graphics or Video Card: Once you have your hard drive and your ram up to snuff then you can look at upgrading your graphics card. There are 2 main reasons for upgrading your graphics card. The number one reason for upgrading your graphics would be to get better frame rates for playing high end super graphics intensive games. The graphics engine that run some of these new games is very intense and very demanding.Full Article...

CPU (Central Processing Unit): The CPU / processor of the computer is known as the brains of the computer. The CPU takes a set of instructions, processes them and sends them where they need to go. The CPU is capable of processing so many instructions per clock cycle it is unreal how much data it can handle. However depending on the speed and architecture of your chosen CPU can be the difference of enjoying your computer or wanting to throw it out the window. Full Article...

Operating System - Microsoft Windows or OSx

Upgraded Component to Install Components Purchased in Store Components Not Purchased in Store
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
System must be ready for upgrade.
$30.00 $39.99 per half-hour
Memory (RAM)
System must be ready for upgrade.
Hard Drive
Additional drives only
$30.00 $39.99 per half-hour
Other Drives
System must be ready for upgrade.
$30.00 $39.99 per half-hour
Graphics Card
System must be ready for upgrade.
$30.00 $39.99 per half-hour
Other Cards
System must be ready for upgrade.
$30.00 $39.99 per half-hour
Power Supply Installed
Standard ATX Power Supply Only
$39.99 $39.99 per half-hour
RAM (Raondom Access Memory) Upgrade Solid state Hard Drive Upgrade


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