Custom Built Computers - Component List

Even though sales of computers have fallen over the last few years, there is still a niche in the custom build your own PC market! With a custom built computer you will find that you have a lot more control over each and every part that is installed. Four Corners Computer Center only uses top of the line manufacturer parts when we do our custom built computers. Below you will find a broad selection for A, B and C Systems. Mix and match to customize your system exactly how you want it. I am sure you could hop online and order all the parts and build your own custom PC and save a few bucks, however if you allow us to do it we will make sure all the components are matched perfectly. Not only that but if a component fails we will have you up and running within 48 hours or less whereas if you purchased all of your own parts, your system is down for weeks while you deal with the RMA process.


Another benefit of getting a custom built computer is upgradeability. With a Mid-Tower system and a high end power supply we will make sure you can upgrade your video card every 2 years without a hitch. Memory, CPU, Power Supplies and hard drives are all off the shelf parts making down time very minimal and upgrades that much easier. You get your choice of Processor and we will buy the perfect platform (motherboard) to match it. We will make sure the motherboard will hold more ram then you could ever need. Most games run on 8GB of ram with ease, and with the motherboard we select it will be extremely easy to add more so there's no need to start with the max. Memory speed has very little to no impact on performance, so you don't need to spend extra money on the fastest speed the motherboard can handle.

I could talk about each and every component and how to choose each one but I have separate articles for each. CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and Video card.

The above articles cover the most important components inside your new gaming computer. There are other parts you should consider as well. Even though the new motherboards have extremely good sound cards built in if you plan on any professional recording then you might want to upgrade the sound card as well. You might consider installing an internal wireless adapter. If you are going to be gaming then the built in Gigabyte Ethernet is the best choice for network connectivity. I do understand that wireless is more convenient so if you have to go that route make sure you have us add a nice AC1200 wireless adapter. That being said make sure you have a nice new AC1200 compatible router which we carry in stock at the store for under $80.00.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
A Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 1700 $370.00
B AMD FX 8 Core or Intel Core i5 $230.00
C AMD Quad Core / Intel Quad Core $100.00
A CPU Equivalent Board (LAN/MDM/DDR4/2xPCIx/SATA) $150.00
B CPU Equivalent Board (LAN/MDM/DDR3/PCIx/SATA) $90.00
C CPU Equivalent Board (LAN/MDM/DDR3/PCIx/SATA) $70.00

A 16GB PC1600 Or Faster DDR3/DDR4 $120.00
B 8GB DDR3 PC1600 $60.00
C 4GB DDR3 PC1600 $35.00
Hard Drive
A 480GB Solid State SATA III 500MB/s+ Read and Write $160.00
B 240GB Solid State SATA III 500MB/s+ Read and Write $100.00
C 1TB 3.5inch SATA III 7200RPM's $90.00

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drives
A Blu-Ray Burner / DVD-RW SATA II $80.00
B DVDRW / Blu-Ray Reader $65.00
A 6GB nVidia 1060GTX 16x PCIx DDR5 $Request Price
B 4GB nVidia GTX 1050Ti PCIx DDR3 Memory $220.00
C Basic ATI or Intel On-Board Graphics $0.00

Case / Power Supply
A Window Case with 700W Power Supply $180.00
B Basic Case 600W Power Supply $100.00
C Basic Case 300W-450W Power Supply $70.00
Operating System
A Microsoft Windows 10 Professional $180.00
B Microsoft Windows 10 Home $150.00
C Microsoft Windows 10 Home $150.00

Sample Systems (Card reader included)
System A $1540.00
System B $1015.00
System C $555.00
Custom Built Computer Technician

All warranties are NOT created equal / Four Corners Ironclad Warranty

We have taken our warranty a step further and decided to include SOFTWARE in our warranty! What does this mean? The Software Warranty includes OS Corruption and Virus Removal. You heard that right, if for some reason a Windows Update does not get installed correctly and corrupts the operating system we have you covered. During the warranty period, we will reload the operating system for free (data backup and recovery may incur a minimal charge).