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I have notice over the years doing computer repair in Boise that computers are taking a shift, we live in a "disposable" world. I recognize that consumers are quicker to run out and purchase a new computer rather then put a little money into their old one. I am here to persuade you that there is a lot you can do with your older computer and most of the time it is more cost effective to put $100 or $200 into your old computer rather than purchase a new one. There are a lot of upgrades you can implement to breathe new life into your computer or laptop. Below you will find a lot of different options that we recommend.

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal: The number one cause for a computer to slow down and start causing you problems is because you have been infected with a virus or the virus has corrupted your operating system (Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or OSX) making it almost unusable. Virus removal is one of the things we do best and I am here to tell you that this is a fairly easy fix. We can do a tune up as mentioned below for under $100. If we have to reload the operating system (OS) then the price goes up a little because we have to back up your data first before reloading the OS. It is still very reasonable compared to the purchase of a new computer

Speaking of reloading the operating system (OS), this does happen more frequently than you might think. The OS can become corrupt for several different reasons. A bad virus can corrupt your OS, a Microsoft update that doesn't install correctly, hardware failure and / or the computer gets shut down improperly. Other Services offered but not limited to are Virus Removal, Malware removal, Spyware removal, Password Reset, Keyboard replacement, Laptop Repair, Laptop Screen Replacement, Hard Drive replacement, Optical Drive Replacement, Cooling Fan Replacement Read the entire Article here:

Remote service is available upon appointment. Please call to schedule: 208-321-0075. For remote services we use a 3rd party program called TeamViewer. See complete instructions on how to use TeamViewer here.

Estimates FREE
Diagnostic Fee
Free if Recommended Service is Approved!
On Site Computer Repair Service
Let us come to you and fix it right on site!
$100 per hour
$100 minimum
Remote Computer Repair Service
Let us remotely log in and help you fix your computer
$50.00 per hour
In addition to Service Price
Big Box Optimization
System maintenance, cleanup, security updates
Quick Fix
General repairs to get you up and running
$39.99 per half-hour
Data Backup or Recovery
File backup from old system; restore to new system
$40.00 Service Combo Price
Tune-Up and Virus Removal
Virus, Spyware and Malware removal, including repair of related damages
Clean Slate Restore
Hard drive reformat with restore of Operating System
$115.00 for EOL OS
Windows Password Removal
Basic removal of your Windows or MAC password
$79.99 if reload is required
Laptop LCD Replacement on Any Model
Laptop have a cracked screen? Flat fee replacement
$140 A+ Pre-Owned
$170 A+ Brand New
DC Jack Flat Fee Repair / Replacement
Laptop not charging? Might be the DC Jack
$140 no soldering required
$180 soldering required
Worry Free Service Program
Free Service for the entire year!
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